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Dr. Beth loves to help people achieve the health needed for a happy life.

Meet Dr. Beth

We’re here to help you on your
next step to wellness.



frontdAt Dr. Beth’s Chiropractic Clinic we envision every person receiving regular chiropractic care to protect the body and improve overall performance leading to optimal health and well being.


Our clinic is devoted to delivering the highest quality health care to our community in a comfortable, caring and non-invasive manner by using the most advanced technology and treatment methods available.

Why Us?

  • Patient Needs are #1
  • Caring & Positive Wellness Team (with a sense of humour)
  • Dr. Beth is available in emergencies
  • Comfortable & Professional Atmosphere
  • Large, Private Treatment Rooms
  • State of The Art Technology: NASA Certified Nerve Scan Technology, Arthrostim Adjusting Instrument, BioFlex Laser Therapy.
  • Convenient Location & Hours

Practicing Chiropractic since 1993.